Digital Fashion was born as one of the few textile research developed in a makerspace. Everything we have learned from our experience becomes, in an open style, a training program. A method.

Training Calendar

May 27th/29th 2019 – Digital patternmaking with Seamly 2D @wemake – Fastweb digital academy per info and subscriptions

May 9th 2019 – Textile Talks – @fablab Venezia – readme

April 14th 2019 – Unlimited Design Talks  – Isola Design District Milan Design week 2019

25th February – 1st march 2019 – Digital fashion making @ WeMake – FastwebDigitalAcademy

January 26th 2019 – Fashion Design with Seamly2D @wemake

November 12th-16th 2018 – Digital fashion making @ arca – Palermo for FastwebDigitalAcademy

May 21st-25th 2018 – Digital Fashion making @ WeMake- Milano for FDA

March 19th-23rd 2018 – Digital FashionPro @ WeMake – Milano for FDA

November 18th-25th 2017 – Marvelous Fashion Designer @ wemake with Marcello Baldari of Smoking Mirrors

June 5th-19th 2017 – Digital Fashion @ WeMake – Milano for FDA

May 6th 2017 – Valentina CAD @ WeMake

February 22nd 2017 – Ted X Novara – Open world presentation

November 30th 2016 – January 12th 2017 – Digital Fashion @ Wemake – Milano for FDA

October 8th 2016 – Valentina CAD @ WeMake

June 17th 2016 – Digital Fashion @ WeMake

May 13th 2016 – Digital Fashion @ WeMake

February 24th 2016 – Pecha Kucha vol. 10 presentation

February 13th 2016 – Valentina CAD @ WeMake

November 14th 2015 – Valentina CAD @ WeMake

November 6th 2015 – Digital Fashion @ WeMake

Photo Gallery

Many thanks to Felicia Caflanov • Loreta D’Agnelli • Chiara Ganzerla • Ana Gomez Lopez • Xenia Ivanova • Laura Migliano • Valeria Negro • Nicole Anna Claudia Pefano • Chrysanthi Polyzoni • Chiara Rizzi • Tiziana Roccella • Jacopo Sileo 

Digital Fashion • training modules

With non academic approach Digital Fashion deals with pros and cons of open source softwares in the field of fashion. Students learn through collaboration some basic steps to design garments with these softwares (peer education).

Learning by doing it is the other feature that digital fashion borrows from maker’s world. After a digital design session, students make with a lasercutter first prototypes and then the finished garments. Tailoring and finishings are made with typical tailoring machinery: needle, thread and sewing machines.

Digital Fashion is based on learning through error: the error is not a bad thing but a moment of growth from which to learn to improve a project. The important thing is that every Digital Fashion student makes a prototype designed and built with digital fabrication technologies. Every student is able to reproduce independently the method, changing it to fit their own design nature, being able to enrich it and share it with others.

digital fashion • manufacturing 4.0

Digital Fashion is not just training: it is also an integrated system of process informations. Tailoring or customization of a garment is carried out easily thanks to an integrated use of softwares and accessibility to the digital fabrication machinery.

Manufacturing 4.0


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