digital fashion community night

On 5th of November at 7pm we’ll inaugurate the new WeMake community night dedicated to the world of fashion, technology and experimentation, which will be held every first Tuesday of the month.
Evening program
Music intro with DIY console – DART / by Massimiliano Marchese
Introduction to the digital fashion community / Claudia Scarpa and Sara Savian
Showcase of projects of the last Digital Fashion Making class
Presentation of the EU DeFINE project for the fashion tech / Chiara Di Lodovico of the Milan Polytechnic
Get out of music with DART and chat
We are waiting for you at WeMake on Tuesday 5th November at 7pm!

textile talks

On May 9th you are invited to Fablab Venezia where we will present Digital fashion, the training module for fashion and digital fabrication! Get to know us at the inaugural opening, you can find out how a non-academic approach can help people getting to know and use technology.

inaugural open day program (09.05.2019)

The laboratory opens its doors from 10 am to 6 pm, for experimentation and network experiences on the topic. Guests: Eugenia Morpurgo (AnOtherShoe, Crafting Fashion with Robots); Claudia Scarpa and Sara Savian (digital fashion, ratatatata) read the complete program of the whole series of meetings